Private Coaching


At our studio we offer private coaching for those that want their movement training to be a little more Private and individualized. WHETHER YOU’RE LOOKING TO ATTAIN A SPECIFIC skill and GOAL, OR JUST LOOKING TO WORK AROUND YOUR OWN SCHEDULE WE CAN HELP.

Without the distractions of machines, Tv’s and crowds, The space was designed with minimal equipment so we can get you back to focusing on you and reconnecting you with your body.


Our main focus is developing A relationship and getting the results you are looking for. But These things don’t happen overnight, which is why we sell our 60-minute sessions in packages.

5-PAck: $375 ($75/SESSION)
10-Pack: $700 ($70/session)
20-Pack: $1,300 ($60/session)



Looking for more information or curious to see if we can help, shoot us a message Below.

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Tell me a little more about yourself and your goals to see how we can best help. Also, If you have specific requirements or scheduling constraints please let me know.